Exponential approaches

As told by Carlos Jambrina on 06/02/2018

Exponential approach tool

Exponential approaches

Rough tool to map equations of the form valuen = valuen-1 + (target - valuen-1) * expFactor
which depend on the number of iterations, to ones that consume time deltas and behave a bit better with varying framerates valuen = target - (valuen-1 - target) / edt / timeHorizon

[if a supporting blogpost were to exist, a link to it would be here]

Given expFactor and a framerate, you can adjust timeHorizon to make the functions match (for example, timeHorizon = 0.1485 matches expFactor = 0.2 with 30 fps). Support for different implementations of ex is provided, though in practice a 3rd order Taylor series works well enough.

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