Banana Engine

XNA based easy prototyping and quick development game engine


Banana Engine is an initiative to build the ultimate game engine that badladners will use to develop ground breaking interactive experiences.

It has the quintessential set of game engine objectives:

◍ Manage the life cycle of the small virtual tennants of a game world,

◍ Allow those tennants to express themselves on screen or audio systems of human beings,

◍ Provide facilities for human beings to interact with these game worlds,

◍ All while trying to make the game developer's life easier.

Of course it works -just barely

It is written in C# on top of XNA to add very simple game state based entity management capabilities, and has been used in at least one unfinished badladns project.

We had fun doing this, but keep in mind that it may not actually be useful to anybody, anyhow, anywhere, ever.

Get it!

You can find the full engine codebase in Github here


Design + Coding

Carlos Jambrina (@crljmb) & Rafa de la Hoz (@thegraffo)